Strategic Gaming

We develop engaging tools for blockchain education.
Adoption is the name of the game!
Play to Learn + Paid to Play​

The Bitsmael project and its solution for a Gamified Rewarded Education (GRE) can help in closing the knowledge gap between merchants and end-users looking to benefit from the possibilities brought forth by Bitcoin.

Our solution


We want to bring existing blockchain products to the working knowledge of the masses by gamifying user guides, tutorials and other instructional materials in a way that is not intimidating and easy to digest for most people.

Earn and learn

By employing a rewards system in our native token, BITM, users have an incentive to continue to learn about the different businesses that we serve. Enterprises can gain access to attractive educational tools and procure that an accurate representation of their business is made.

Suitable for advertising

GREs are suitable for publicity purposes. Bitsmael offers the ability to create customized experiences that remain coherent with the particular branding of the enterprises that we serve.

Games are architectures for engagement

Gamification has proven a useful tool to engage users in learning. There are added benefits to gaming that have been well documented such as improved visual attention and spatial-motor skills, among many others.

Services & Features

Regardless of the task, Bitsmael might be able to lend a hand. Feel free to contact us for more details, we are here to help.



Blockchain education has never been easier! User guides and tutorials can be turned into engaging gaming experiences.



We can build your very own token based on your specifications and list it on an exchange.


Security Auditing

Fear no more! Ask our experts how to keep your blockchain assets secure, sleep sound knowing you are protected.

These are the next milestones on our radar. Check out the Whitepaper for more information about what we wish to accomplish and how.
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We are proudly supporting these protocols by helping secure their transactional integrity.

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