Bitsmael is a blockchain project focusing on the development of educational tools about the subject of cryptocurrency.

We wish to create engaging games to instruct users into the correct management of their crypto-assets and teach them how to use several existing blockchain products.

We have a Waves-based asset known as Bitsmael or BITM which is needed in order to interact with our Gamified Rewarded Education applications.

Bitsmael is not a stablecoin, its valuation changes based on supply and demand.

Only 21 million Bitsmael tokens have been created and will ever exist. These tokens are divisible in 8 decimal places.

Bitsmael runs on Waves LPoS, it can’t be mined but it can be earned by using our App as soon as it is released later this year.

Bitsmael is available in over 20 pairs at https://waves.exchange/

Contract: CwXABCx3Dq5WF7zSLgCfDfgjtMPXKUp22eP7QvexTg37

The beta release is scheduled for the summer of 2021.

We are one of the few blockchain companies not looking to organize a token sale. Instead, we have decided to embark on several parallel endeavors related to blockchain technology in order to fund the development and maintenance of our application.

Yes! You would need to add the token to be able to visualize the funds inside Trust Wallet.